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GBP USD British Pound vs. US Dollar Referred as CABLE. It's 4th most traded currency. One of the high volatile and liquid currency pair.


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kanzui, Japan

Whether still Brexit impact continuing ? 

(8th August 12:35, 2016)Reply
Deepak, Madurai

Pound up 1.7% in the morning. I think its time to go for short in GBP the brexit will make the pound weak.

(20th June 12:48, 2016)Reply
James Bautista , Russia

market is sleeping 

(5th January 18:31, 2016)Reply
Milan Patel , India

65 PIPS down ... ... GBP in favor of Seller now a days.... 

(4th January 18:34, 2016)Reply
Vova, Ukraine

good-morning do you think it will break 1.4860 today

(31st December 14:50, 2015)Reply
Omar Jundi, Pakistan

within next 4 hours u will c the trend for next month. my opinion is it will be climbed nearly 2000 pips now on then only can c down trend. during this time pull back can happen nearly 200 pips . my time duration for 2000 pips is only 30 days

(30th December 18:29, 2015)Reply
Kacper , Russia

Follows Buy @ 1.48150

(29th December 18:50, 2015)Reply
Pearl Ace, UK

buy now Target 1.5448

(28th December 18:26, 2015)Reply
Abid Islam, Indonesia

target 1.50

(24th December 14:30, 2015)Reply
Alex Baugh, UK

Now we see GBP behaves like a wussy , Its time for GBP to go up

(22nd December 18:46, 2015)Reply
Roderick Clark, Germany

1.4855-60 and if break then 1.4825 level

(21st December 18:25, 2015)Reply
Roderick Clark, Germany

Gbpusd====1.4750 area to buy...but not sale here just waite outside and take buy position after price gone near 1.4740....then take profir near 1.5800

(18th December 16:49, 2015)Reply
Alex Baugh, uk

Sell @ 1.5010-20 Target: 1.4900-10 SL: 1.5050-60. Before your trade target remain side.

(17th December 18:49, 2015)Reply
Ben Burnanke , London

I buy now stop at 1.480 or a daily close below 1.50 with TP 1.550

(16th December 16:29, 2015)Reply
Omar Jundi, Pakistan

Better to Sell this pair in between 1.5198-1.5204

(15th December 18:09, 2015)Reply
Milan Patel , India

Don't buy guys! Expect to see it bellow 1.5000 today

(14th December 18:17, 2015)Reply
Abid Islam, Indonesia

now its going up! guess have to touch 1,52 before US Retail release!

(11th December 18:47, 2015)Reply
Johan Nothnagel , Russia

I think we in up trend so I´m gonna buy a dip or two with target 1.530

(10th December 18:52, 2015)Reply
Vova, Ukraine

buy stop order 1.51430 - SL 1.50080/TP 1.55000

(9th December 19:02, 2015)Reply
Sean Zhang, Japan

Morning, wow why everyone are quiet?!?!?! :) what a 50+ dropped already Monday morning! Now its seem starting slow bullish up trend now back up 1,51 that i think they hunted buy SL! Let see until BoE Gov Carney Speaks at 15:00 GMT may spark a short-term positive up to 1,52 top-side line this week. No major scheduled events for the US until Friday retail sales figures. GL.

(7th December 18:20, 2015)Reply
Daniel Herrera, Switzerland

Unsure, it'll be reach top-side 1,5220-40 by less 3 hours 40 minutes left before USD Nonfarm and Unemployment Rate (Nov).. If both data are strong then Yellen dont need to raise US rate hike 15th Dec. :) I would place small buys at lowest approx 1,5080-1,5100 with tight SL 1,5075. GL all and let make good green Friday profits!

(4th December 18:10, 2015)Reply
James Bautista, Russia

Guys if it cross over 1.5000 mini security Check , then bulls are about to enter 2. is it clears 1.5050, then bulls control the market for sometime , if the 3.Medium check 1.5080 passed & breaks the 1.5120 then bulls entered in force :)

(3rd December 18:05, 2015)Reply
Milan Patel, India

You seem to be confused , till yesterday , you were shouting .. 1.49 , massive fall , sell .. sell , today you are so confident about .. 1.5180 .. buy buy .. where as data's are negative .. pls .. dont ruin yours as well as other's account .. have patience.

(2nd December 17:39, 2015)Reply
James Bautista, Russia

i will sell more after 1.50848

(1st December 18:24, 2015)Reply
Daniel Herrera, Switzerland

Guys Don't Buy it , still no reverse found , if your brought in wrong price better hedge it , since i am expecting more fall

(30th November 15:19, 2015)Reply
Omar Jundi, Pakistan

Few pips left to break 1,5055 then fall...

(27th November 16:51, 2015)Reply
Vova, Ukraine

my predict - long Neutral then it will be down hit approx 1,4950-1,5000 if break 1,5056 then bull will take over - long up trend 1,5300. option B bear can be give up so it'll go up 5300.

(26th November 18:43, 2015)Reply
Pearl Ace, UK

Predict - chart is targets to break 1.5030 today.

(25th November 16:24, 2015)Reply
James Bautista , Russia

I know it will move up but the question when ?, it already dropped huge i don;t think it will rise to 1.54 this week for sure

(24th November 15:18, 2015)Reply
Reza, Indonesia

if you are interested in signals..daily(20pips SL target 50-100pips) can add me on wasspp . + nine one nine seven zero one eight one four one five five

(20th November 18:48, 2015)Reply
Sean Zhang, Japan

My option - not yet... it need to reach 1,5380 then bears. it'll be down 1,5245-50 then up to 1,5380.

(20th November 18:46, 2015)Reply
Abid Islam, Indonesia

before data, big bosses made their moves to down and all datas were supporting them too, its good to know earlier which datas will come :)

(19th November 16:34, 2015)Reply
Hristo Gergov, Spain

Above 5252 should be very carefull for seller

(18th November 13:35, 2015)Reply
Raphael Rocha , Malaysia

All signals are neutral yet, after 1.5 hours main u.k. data, lets c what will be happen, my support level is 5140 target 5250 5300, but its all depends at data, be careful anything could be happen, so keep tight SL as per as ur trade size.

(17th November 16:56, 2015)Reply
James Bautista, Russia

Its strongly resisting upside with the support of 5175 5185 5190, after the correction also we can say profit taking by investors and traders after the weekend.

(16th November 16:48, 2015)Reply
Abid Islam , Indonesia

Time to buy sl 1.509 tp 1.5250

(6th November 18:45, 2015)Reply
James Bautista, Russia

it wont go up blocking resistance level 1,5445. it'll be fall by ADP Nonfarm Employment Change (13:15pm GMT) if its strong data or Yellen time. GL

(4th November 17:06, 2015)Reply
Pearl Ace , UK

my buying position is at 1.5480 will up?

(3rd November 19:08, 2015)Reply
Alex Baugh, UK

highs.GBP/USD  stronger on dataThe pair has advanced further after the final print of the October manufacturing PMI has surprised markets to the upside climbing to 55.5 vs. 51.3 forecasted and Septemberu00bfs 51.5.Ahead in the week, the Services PMI will be in the limelight followed by the BoE MPC meeting and subsequent minutes.GBP/USD  levels to watchAt the moment, the pair is advancing 0.40% at 1.5489 with the next hurdle at 1.5528 (76.4% Fibo of 1.5659-1.5106) followed by 1.5587 (downtrend from 1.5659) and finally 1.5820 (high Aug.25). On the other hand, a breach of 1.5382 (50% Fibo of 1.5659-1.5106) would aim for 1 ******(55-day sma) and then 1.5345 (200-day sma)."]" style="font-size: 100%; font-family: arial, sans, sans-serif; color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">The sterling keeps pushing higher on Monday, now sending GBP/USD to the boundaries of 1.5500 the figure, or session highs.GBP/USD  stronger on dataThe pair has advanced further after the final print of the October manufacturing PMI has surprised markets to the upside climbing to 55.5 vs. 51.3 forecasted and September¿s 51.5.Ahead in the week, the Services PMI will be in the limelight followed by the BoE MPC meeting and subsequent minutes.GBP/USD  levels to watchAt the moment, the pair is advancing 0.40% at 1.5489 with the next hurdle at 1.5528 (76.4% Fibo of 1.5659-1.5106) followed by 1.5587 (downtrend from 1.5659) and finally 1.5820 (high Aug.25). On the other hand, a breach of 1.5382 (50% Fibo of 1.5659-1.5106) would aim for 1 ******(55-day sma) and then 1.5345 (200-day sma).

(2nd November 15:39, 2015)Reply
James Bautista, Russia

Seem it's retest to break resistance 1,5359. Big rebound! Still bearish to me Think good opportunity to sell at 1,5350-70 that they hunt big SL. Don't think it won't go up break 400. Hopefully down 200....

(30th October 15:31, 2015)Reply
Pearl Ace, UK

great session yesterday, should have sold again at 1.5345 instead of 1.5325 but no biggy, closing lower and forming a nice shooting star right after a big bearish candle, i think its just a matter of time before it drops another 50-60 pips, if it corrects a bit I've got pending sell positions at 1.5285 and 1.5310.

(29th October 15:28, 2015)Reply
Omar Jundi, Pakistan

GBPUSD as long as if trades below 1.53800. It's Good time to hold sell and accumulate sell Position. I am confident it wont break upside

(28th October 18:23, 2015)Reply
Alex Baugh, UK

Gbpusd will go down today

(26th October 16:56, 2015)Reply
Pearl Ace, UK

Sell GBPUSD on every-high tp 1.5170,SL 1.5535

(23rd October 14:21, 2015)Reply
Imran Aslam, Iran

Do not BUY before 1.5509. First speech already started

(20th October 15:55, 2015)Reply
James Bautista , Russia

I think it might retest 1.5505 level again during the upcoming speech

(20th October 15:42, 2015)Reply
Imran Aslam , Iran

Expected pull back to at least @1.5448 - 55 level. My opinion

(19th October 19:07, 2015)Reply
Abid Islam , Indonesia

yes they reach about 1.5575 then change trend or proceed to 1.565

(16th October 15:20, 2015)Reply
James Bautista, Russia

Gbpusd will go up today ?

(16th October 15:12, 2015)Reply
Imran Aslam , Iran

Buy GBPUSD @ 1.5422-1.5445 (2) @ 1.5395 - 1.5410 TP: 1.5490 SL: 30 - 35 pips. . Please do not trade without SL. . . Its all my opinion

(15th October 14:38, 2015)Reply
James Bautista, Russia

i have close my sell position with nine profit pips now waiting for sell at 1.5380+

(14th October 16:39, 2015)Reply
Pearl Ace, UK

any idea will this do down or go up?

(13th October 16:44, 2015)Reply
Alex Baugh, UK

Equity is high, i holded the two positions already as it was down at 1,512 two weeks ago. I'm just wondering where the GBPUSD goes in long term

(12th October 16:24, 2015)Reply
    Imran Aslam, Iran

    At the moment chances of 1.512 is less because of UK data and weak US Index. Chances of 1.512 only increases when it break 1.5245 but again buyers will show interest at 1.5200, 1.5163 levels. It may touch 1.55xx level in coming days.Let see.

    (12th October 17:04, 2015)Reply
Raphael Rocha , Malaysia

USD goes down a lot but GBP/USD is still no change

(9th October 17:54, 2015)Reply
Ben Burnanke , London

luckily i opened 2 buy positions at 1.5300 hope the BOE data don't make it drop down before SELL placing time.

(8th October 16:57, 2015)Reply
william brugman, Europe

i want to know about gbpusd is it come down or going up still

(7th October 14:39, 2015)Reply
Abid Islam, Indonesia

Imran - Need your suggestion , I have a sell order open at 1.5166, Do you recommend to close it or there is any change of it going back to 1.5150? Thanks

(6th October 18:04, 2015)Reply
    Imran Aslam, Iran

    Keep this sell position as it is. I think will see 1.5111 plus

    (6th October 18:51, 2015)Reply
Imran Aslam, Iran

Right now 1.5161 is very important level if that break fall till 1.5135 changes more and more

(5th October 16:23, 2015)Reply
Abid Islam, Indonesia

Hey guys,the market is a bit confusing today,waiting for it to break the 1.5160 level,set a limit order at 1.5800 SL 1.5220 TP 1.5110,any thoughts on this?.

(1st October 18:01, 2015)Reply
James Bautista, Russia

is going down?

(30th September 14:35, 2015)Reply
Imran Aslam , Iran

hello everyone :) hope u all have a good week full of profits :D i just sold this pair at 1.5225, i think its a good selling opportunity after it had corrected a nice 100 pips from 1.5137 , and since it dropped around 400 pips last week, such strong momentum is usually to be continued during the second week

(28th September 17:53, 2015)Reply
Abid Islam , Indonesia

will go up or down

(23rd September 14:39, 2015)Reply
Caglar Ommar , poland

Do you guys think today it will break 1.5470 down?

(22nd September 13:47, 2015)Reply
    william brugman, Europe

    Yes, but seems Buyers are still in good mood. Lets see today data and tonight UK Governor speech gives correct idea abou t this pair. I will Buy a small lot at 1.5460 with tight SL. Good luck

    (22nd September 14:16, 2015)Reply
Imran Aslam , Iran

it will drop untill UK session opens. but things will really get exciting when UK, Eur opens. dont know what happens then.

(18th September 14:32, 2015)Reply
Imran Aslam , Iran

Do not place any SELL before 1.5405

(16th September 15:01, 2015)Reply
Kasthuri kavart , India

GuysGuys all number out very good for UK all number out very good for UK

(16th September 14:26, 2015)Reply
Alex Baugh , UK

If UK data positive and specially CPI then get ready to see 1.5550 level plus

(15th September 14:56, 2015)Reply
Johan Nothnagel , Russia

We are now entering an area of high resistance. The 1.55 Level and the broken supportive uptrend line were both supportive, and will now act as ceilings. I think now is a good opportunity to sell, i dont see any reason for this pair to rally any longer. I sold at 1.5465

(14th September 14:34, 2015)Reply
Max Mantellaro, Europe

STRONG SHORT. Sell on this unreasonable rise. Pound will drop today into 1,50 level.

(10th September 17:56, 2015)Reply
Alex Baugh , UK

Most likely will climb up a little till 1.537-1.5385, still on bearish downtrend break support... Trade carefully and happy gain all. Good luck

(9th September 19:24, 2015)Reply
James Bautista, Russia

Bounce back to 1.55 is on its way...

(8th September 13:53, 2015)Reply
Sean Zhang, Japan

1,5 on the cards

(4th September 14:23, 2015)Reply
Raphael Rocha , Malaysia

My buying is at 1.5397. Am i safe?

(3rd September 14:09, 2015)Reply
william brugman, Europe

it will go up :)

(1st September 15:49, 2015)Reply
Johan Nothnagel, Russia

Buy . tp 5590

(31st August 13:57, 2015)Reply
Milan Patel , India

Just bought this farker ,kicking baack now with a beer and joint and watch the money grow .

(31st August 13:45, 2015)Reply
Roderick Clark, Germany

Is GBP currently in a uptrend but within a downtrend if that makes any sense

(19th August 03:42, 2015)Reply
    Alex Baugh, UK

    And you said I was the funny one. will see the market

    (19th August 07:20, 2015)Reply
Ben Burnanke, London

Just as planned 1,57 is obvious reversal point. Tomorrw pound will be pounded!

(18th August 17:28, 2015)Reply
Omar Jundi, Pakistan

Sold @1.5570 and am expecting 1.5590 to cover @ loss of 20 PIPS. Will it come below 1.56 or should i cover now @ 1.5625

(17th August 12:11, 2015)Reply
    Abid Islam, Indonesia

    think it will pull back up till Friday low 1.5589

    (17th August 12:27, 2015)Reply
James Bautista , Russia

GBP/USD seems to me one of the best way for investment nowadays. It's trading in clearly understandable chanel with high potential for going down after federal reserve meeting. So now we can sell with first target 1.5540

(14th August 16:27, 2015)Reply
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