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AUD USD Australian Dollar vs. US Dollar Referred as AUSUSSIE. Clubbed to Chinese economy because of high trade links. AUD is 5th most traded currency.


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Drav, Netherlands

No more new signals? Please keep posting so  I can see how good it is.

(26th July 19:03, 2018)Reply
forexgdp, India

Buy AUD/USD: 0.77256
Take profit 1 : 0.78343
Take Profit 2 : 0.80369
Take Profit 3 : 0.82547
Stop Loss : 0.75486

(18th April 21:45, 2016)Reply
Julia, Australia

resistance at 0.7335, buyers are missing so far

(31st December 14:54, 2015)Reply
Alexandru , Romania

Can any1 pls advice if its sell or buy today?

(30th December 18:31, 2015)Reply
Arslan Aslam, Pakistan

The A$ will continue to bounce along a very hard bottom in the short term. The RBA is now sitting on its hands hoping there will be no surge towards .80. Continuing strong economic data coming out of China cannot be denied and I expect commodity prices will now support A$ continued rise.

(29th December 18:53, 2015)Reply
Candas Djemal, Turkey

Key level 0.7242

(22nd December 18:52, 2015)Reply
Paul Richards, Europe

Buy @ 7194.. TP 10 pip.. scalp

(17th December 18:50, 2015)Reply
Bryan Tarr , Japan

please guide me my buy is at 0,7210 now hedge,,,,,,, hold.

(16th December 16:31, 2015)Reply
Candas Djemal, Turkey

Support Line above .723, went long at .7240. I'm going to hold this position till it reaches .73.

(15th December 18:11, 2015)Reply
Paul Richards, Europe

Is there a chance that this pair will move to 1.3900 before the rate decision?

(14th December 18:27, 2015)Reply
Arslan Aslam, Pakistan

I'm seeing a re-test of a long term, breached resistance line. Going long with a stop at .7140. Target .7245 and then .7320

(14th December 18:24, 2015)Reply
Bryan Tarr , Japan

Buy AU 0.7253.. TP 10 pip.. scalping

TP hit 10 pip

(11th December 18:48, 2015)Reply
Black Eagle, Russia

This is only corrective upward move waite 0.7345 for sell

(10th December 18:53, 2015)Reply
Reza , Indonesia

If it break the 0.7250 it also breaks the FIB going up... so def downwards

(8th December 18:41, 2015)Reply
Bryan Tarr , Japan

Next target 0.7600

(2nd December 17:29, 2015)Reply
Omar Jundi, Pakistan

AUD/USD pair managed to end the day with some gains above the 0.7100 level, still far from confirming a more sustainable rally ahead. From a technical point of view, the 1 hour chart shows that the indicators are heading slightly higher above their mid-lines, whist the price stands above a bullish 20 SMA, all of which should keep the downside limited. In the 4 hours chart, however, the early advance was rejected by the 200 EMA still offering a strong dynamic resistance around 0.7150, whilst the price is hovering around a flat 20 SMA and the technical indicators lack clear directional strength around their mid-lines. . Visit my profile to get daily outlook in mail.. . Support levels: 0.7070 0.7030 0.6990 . Resistance levels: 0.7150 0.7190 0.7240.

(18th November 13:33, 2015)Reply
Daniel Herrera, Switzerland

Bounce then going down

(17th November 16:54, 2015)Reply
Bryan Tarr, Japan

Go Long, tight stop .7090

(16th November 16:50, 2015)Reply
Ace Vtura , Japan

Anyone sell today?.

(13th November 14:46, 2015)Reply
Sean Zhang , China

Goo for Buy today!!

(6th November 18:44, 2015)Reply
Milan Patel , India

Probability for up... trade tp.1.5450 sl.1.5360

(5th November 17:14, 2015)Reply
Bryan Tarr , Japan

Loser of the day again, commodities down euro down and as result aussie is again down, need to pass 0.7230 clearly to see 0.73 again but has no power because of so weak commodity prices 

(5th November 17:13, 2015)Reply
Alexandru , Romania

3 times tried to break 0.7020's but couldnt go up, means its strong resistance and shall not pass. better to short it with SL 0.7230 and TP below 0.7100

(4th November 17:01, 2015)Reply
Daniel Herrera, Switzerland

.72 there it is! took my profits, we'll see if it breaks up .72

(3rd November 19:09, 2015)Reply
Black Eagle, Russia

The Australian Central Bank is largely expected to maintain its rates at 2.0%, although latest disappointing inflation data, may suggest a more dovish stance from authorities, which may raise speculation over an upcoming rate cut in the near future. The bearish tone seems set to extend during the upcoming days, as the daily chart shows that the price is currently below its 20 SMA, whilst the Momentum indicator has resumed its decline well into negative territory and the RSI indicator hovers around 45. In the 4 hours chart the technical indicators have managed to correct the extreme oversold levels reached last Thursday, but lost upward strength after reaching their mid-lines, whilst the price stands a handful of pips above a bearish 20 SMA, all of which maintains the risk towards the downside, particularly on renewed selling interest below the 0.7100 level. . . Support levels: 0.7100 0.7065 0.7020 . . Resistance levels: 0.7160 0.7195 0.7240.

(2nd November 15:45, 2015)Reply
Money trader, Singapore

What is a simple trading strategy or (Plan): 1- Set an achievable target.... preferably by percentage. For example 2% appreciation per day ( YES only per day).. That means, I am looking to increase my €/$ 100 Portfolio by €/$ 2 only every day..... I hope the simplicity of this formula is not confusing any new traders. Now to make this more complicated, you have to start your next day with your new number which is €/$ 102 & look up to make 2% of that which is 2.04 ( so your new target for the day is not the original €/$ 2, its actually a little over that.... now use the exponential growth calculator ( you can find many online ) to project your estimated profits at the end of a trading Month, for example your data will look like this: initial capital is 100. your percentage growth is 2%. and the time factor is NOT 30 because we have 2 days off every week so its only (22).

(2nd November 15:38, 2015)Reply
Sean Zhang , China

this ***is not showing any reaction to the bears, so definetely will test 0.7065 again and will pass it to go down.

(30th October 15:29, 2015)Reply
Kasthuri kavart, India

Today its going down near 0.7050 than up near 7200 i hope

(29th October 15:26, 2015)Reply
Bryan Tarr , Japan

no down.....come to buy strong

(28th October 18:27, 2015)Reply
Daniel Herrera, Switzerland

Down hope for the day

(26th October 16:54, 2015)Reply
Ace Vtura , Japan

Maybe it will stop at 0.7298 before heading down trend.

(23rd October 14:22, 2015)Reply
Arslan Aslam, Pakistan

i have opened a buy position at is this?

(20th October 15:48, 2015)Reply
Reza , indonesia

Long au !!' Today its going Up

(19th October 19:09, 2015)Reply
Sean Zhang , china

yo guys, if buy AUD USD , they will use up your money to stuck there for a reason and then they have enough to go down.

(16th October 15:14, 2015)Reply
Kasthuri kavart , India

A strong correction that might turn bullish , but not yet , till now i still support looking for a short positions expecting the AUD to retrace to 0.7230

(15th October 14:37, 2015)Reply
Candas Djemal , Turkey

it will tested 0.7300 and going up to 0.73430..

(14th October 16:40, 2015)Reply
william brugman, Europe

somebody was controling this, i knew it...... it going up and down like nobody bussiness.

(13th October 16:05, 2015)Reply
Daniel Herrera, Switzerland

i say wait for a short signal

(12th October 17:07, 2015)Reply
Black Eagle , Russia

Should we short or long ?.

(12th October 16:52, 2015)Reply
Reza, indonesia

0.73202 will go down until where?

(9th October 17:55, 2015)Reply
Arslan Aslam, Pakistan

will go up

(8th October 16:55, 2015)Reply
Candas Djemal , Turkey


(7th October 14:37, 2015)Reply
Black Eagle , Russia

My opinion it is not the right time to buy , may be tomorrow

(6th October 18:30, 2015)Reply
Arslan Aslam, Pakistan

I am Short from current level .7069 with a stop loss of .7090...

(5th October 16:21, 2015)Reply
Candas Djemal, Turkey

AUD will reach 0.70990 and the last 0.7400

(1st October 17:59, 2015)Reply
Arslan Aslam , Pakistan

I think today it will go down near 0.6950

(30th September 14:34, 2015)Reply
Bryan Tarr , Japan

there is a bull near 0.7050

(25th September 18:56, 2015)Reply
Max Mantellaro , europe

buy on rumors, sell on news.

(25th September 18:54, 2015)Reply
Daniel Herrera , Switzerland

Buy for 0.7320

(24th September 12:35, 2015)Reply
Abid Islam , Indonesia

strong support to 0.6909

(23rd September 14:38, 2015)Reply
Bryan Tarr , Japan

Wow it just keeps rising. Will there be any retracement or dip?

(18th September 15:18, 2015)Reply
Candas Djemal , Turkey

837 $ aud......1146 gbp.....491 euro....and some lost in oil

(18th September 14:30, 2015)Reply
Ace Vtura , Japan

Up, up and away!!! Let's see how the Aud/Usd react after the release of the monetary-policy-meeting-minutes today. Setting my stop loss in the profit zone.

(15th September 15:09, 2015)Reply
Arslan Aslam, Pakistan

will AUDUSD down like yesterday?

(10th September 17:55, 2015)Reply
Sean Zhang, china

Latest Release. Sep 09, 2015. Actual. -5.6%. Previous. 7.8%. The Westpac Consumer Sentiment Index measures the change in the level of consumer confidence in economic activity. On the index, a level above 100.0 indicates optimism; below indicates pessimism. The data is compiled from a survey of about 1,200 consumers which asks respondents to rate the relative level of past and future economic conditions.. . A higher than expected reading should be taken as positive/bullish for the AUD, while a lower than expected reading should be taken as negative/bearish for the AUD.

(9th September 19:27, 2015)Reply
Reza , Indonesia

Looks like 0.68 is the immediate target for the Aussie this week

(7th September 13:18, 2015)Reply
trend trader, Hungary

still no buy ..we have not seen any huge plunge ..yet when it comes it will be huge 300pips may be more I am waiting .for that .then only short term bounce ... but my technicals hitting 69 around there will be some bounce ..once conform I will update here

(4th September 14:22, 2015)Reply
ace Vtura, Bangladesh

AUDUSD pending buy of 2 months triggered at 0.701. Aiming to hit that long term trend reversal here.

(2nd September 16:52, 2015)Reply
Arslan Aslam, Pakistan

its going down will you all agree?

(31st August 13:43, 2015)Reply
Reza, Indonesia

If we look at stochastic indicator at TF daily , we find convergen pattern, so I think it is time to open buy

(28th August 14:31, 2015)Reply
Sean Zhang, china

AUDUSD may be biased to the downside but faces a recovery threat while holding above the 0.7037 level. However, we should see a move higher if the mentioned support remains unbroken. On the downside, support resides at the 0.7050 level where a breach will aim at the 0.7000 level

(28th August 12:18, 2015)Reply
Julia, Australia

AUD keep falling down. any reason ?

(24th August 00:37, 2015)Reply
Alexandru , Romania

I expect 0.712 soon

(13th August 17:42, 2015)Reply
    Alexandru , Romania

    Mr. Tan. it's just my opinion. next week i expect EUR > USD >> AUD, AUD will be weak with low commodities.

    (16th August 15:28, 2015)Reply
    Paul Richards, Europe

    may i know the reason for it please?

    (14th August 06:04, 2015)Reply
Candas Djemal, Turkey

According to the trend lines, it has to go down to the 73.00 levels back again, if it broke 73.50 resistance, can expect more bounce. its 15 min

(6th August 16:22, 2015)Reply
    Bryan Tarr, Japan

    very bullish now when through resistance .7350 like a knife though butter.Looking to go towards .7500

    (7th August 02:04, 2015)Reply
Black Eagle, Russia

AUD/USD a is a buy now to targets at first 0.75 then 0.78 and finally to 0.80. From 0.80 is caution. The bottom has been reached 0.725. If i'm wrong i will quit!

(30th July 03:26, 2015)Reply
    ace Vtura , Bangladesh

    As the AUD is not going to improve, your only bet is for the USD to fall big time...and thats not in the forecasts.....Candas be very cautious with AUD.

    (30th July 07:23, 2015)Reply
    Bryan Tarr , Japan

    he only hope you have in the AUD/USD going up is if the USA GDP is much lower than 2.6%.

    (30th July 06:36, 2015)Reply
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