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USD CAD US Dollar vs. Canadian Dollar Referred as LOONIE. Strong economical relation with US because of the vicinity. CAD is 7th most traded currency.


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rajjs, India

CAD trade after 25th 

(20th June 13:37, 2016)Reply
Paul Richards , poland

Sell hard around 1.3250 tp 1.300, 1.29, 1.28, stop lost 1.33-1.3350, final stop loss 1.34 (if it gets to 1.34 then we are doomed lol).

(3rd November 19:07, 2015)Reply
Johan Nothnagel , Russia

Sell with 1.3039 target. .

(30th October 15:38, 2015)Reply
xidioda , Southafrica

I'm thinking we'll get bad oil data again today which will lead usdcad to go to 1.3350 or so - and then we'll get no rate raise from us - hence a move down 350 pips or so by the end of Friday - only to break lower still next week.

(28th October 18:16, 2015)Reply
Mario Beneti, Malaysia

90% probability price will hit 1.3310 or higher in 13 days or less

(23rd October 14:18, 2015)Reply
Stephen Hopper, UK

buy or sell?

(20th October 15:53, 2015)Reply
xidioda, Southafrica

going down so im looking to sell at 1.2854

(16th October 15:11, 2015)Reply
Paul Richards , poland

Buy start,180pips

(15th October 14:39, 2015)Reply
Trend trader, Hungary

I should note that even when gbpcad reaches the top target - around 150 pips higher (hence the move higher in usdcad), the move down will commence due to gbp crash - while usdcad will still continue to rise for a little bit longer. In other words, usdcad could rise as high as 1.3250 before the reversal to the downside.

(14th October 16:38, 2015)Reply
Mario Beneti, Malaysia

I believe that we are looking at the formation of head and shoulders this week.. After 1.29, we should see 1.3070 - and then a final move to 1.27 or so before reversal.

(12th October 16:56, 2015)Reply
Imran Malik , korea

1.2750 is now almost a certainty.

(9th October 17:52, 2015)Reply
Trend trader , Hungary

RS - I dare say the US is manipulating oil so the USD can devalue prior a rate increase...keep an eye on the inventory reports. The USD is not up against only CAD but all reserve currencies around the world and like I said the fed currently has it's hands tied because the rest of the world raced to devalue currencies. Watch...wait...and see

(7th October 14:41, 2015)Reply
Paul Richards , poland

while I don't have years of trading experience behind me I think the absolute floor for this pair is at or near 1.2750. I suggest that because the pair retraced to the lows of the Jan 20 candle when BoC trimmed rates by 0.25% followed by rise of 800 basis points. The area at or near 1.2750 is support and is where BoC trimmed rates by 0.25% on July 15. Thus, from a short term perspective shorts could exhaust at the 1.2750 level and from a long term perspective adding longs could see a temporary draw down on the account until we at least learn that the FED is more hawkish than dovish. Overall, and as I said before, BoC have exhausted all their tools to bring the pair to here. Now the FED must play their part to bring the pair to 1.40 and higher.

(6th October 18:53, 2015)Reply
Mario Beneti , Malaysia

Maybe reversal has occurred and now it might be in a fibbonachi retracement?

(5th October 16:25, 2015)Reply
Raphael Rocha, Malaysia

1.329-1.33 could be the rebound, add short there.

(1st October 18:02, 2015)Reply
David Pedro , UK

CAD GDP won't be the catalyst for a reversal. USD GDP priced in and quickly regained within the hour. The oil prices have generally stabilized with a slight turn to the downside. Other commodities showed continued weakness that will weigh in on the CAD GDP. The underlying fundamentals of further easing in CAD and tightening within the US continue and the reasoning for those policy decisions is unchanged. The wealth of increasingly pessimistic data from CAD against increasingly optimistic data from USD provides a broader vision of price forecasting compared to reading 1 economic indicator as a signal for a reversal.

(30th September 14:37, 2015)Reply
Raphael Rocha, Malaysia

correction is near, first target 1.28.

(28th September 17:55, 2015)Reply
Mario Beneti , Malaysia

MACD is pushing a crossover, and Kumo cloud is very close to reversal

(24th September 12:37, 2015)Reply
Johan Nothnagel , Russia

buy now target 1.3350 at least today. you will make money easily even if it is your first time trade.

(23rd September 14:41, 2015)Reply
Johan Nothnagel , Russia

I think it is good point to buy usdcad now targeting 1.3305

(22nd September 14:15, 2015)Reply
David Pedro , uk

I think there is a reversal in the trend, the usd/cad will reach 1.30 soon.

(18th September 14:33, 2015)Reply
Abayomi akanmu, Russia

i expect it ll go down today 1.3247 to 1.315

(2nd September 16:54, 2015)Reply
Yab Chen, Japan

Target 1,29xx

(28th August 14:29, 2015)Reply
Raphael Rocha , Malaysia

Now 1.30500 It will stop. Best option for sell... Next Re Enter to Long option is 1.28200. we need patience to wind this pair.

(17th July 13:09, 2015)Reply
xidioda , Southafrica

hi, correction towards 1.2815 level is needed to confirm targets above 1.30

(17th July 13:01, 2015)Reply
Imran Malik, korea

Should see 1.38 by end of week

(17th July 12:58, 2015)Reply
    David Pedro , UK

    hope so!!

    (19th July 03:43, 2015)Reply
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