Currency Symbol Currency Name Description
EUR JPY Euro vs. Japanese Yen Referred as EUPPY. High correlation with EURUSD.


EUR/JPY - Technical Analysis Forecast, News & Analysis.

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Raphael Rocha, Malaysia

Sell at 130.45 TP 130

(26th November 18:40, 2015)Reply
Jack Smith, UK

Sell at 131.05

(25th November 16:29, 2015)Reply
Ben Burnanke , London

Consolidated below 132 and testing 131.5. It is gonna break it and next target will be 131 for short term and 128 for long term.

(13th November 14:47, 2015)Reply
Hung yan , China

Pair touches 136 soon

(4th November 16:53, 2015)Reply
Nikhil maheshwari , Bangladesh

Buy dip with 133.54 target.

(30th October 15:33, 2015)Reply
Mario Beneti, Malaysia


(29th October 15:29, 2015)Reply
Jack Smith , UK

It looks like it's going down

(1st October 18:04, 2015)Reply
Jack Smith, uk

What level to enter sell

(28th September 17:58, 2015)Reply
Ben Burnanke , London

sell is the best option

(25th September 18:57, 2015)Reply
Roderick Clark , Germany


(15th September 15:14, 2015)Reply


(4th September 14:25, 2015)Reply
mani, india

Turkish lira alys on down trend. so go buy agaist usd/try

(26th August 00:01, 2015)Reply
marks, Turkey

Turkish lira-- did any one know why Eur/Try keep going up. one side upwall ? why Traders were attracted to the high volatility associated with this pair during pre-crisis conditions ?

(25th August 20:29, 2015)Reply
Mario Beneti, Malaysia

hi Jack, buy is much ok in my point of view .

(18th August 15:45, 2015)Reply
Paul Richards , poland

As per 4hour candle my prediction is short

(18th August 14:30, 2015)Reply
Jack Smith, UK

Guys hw would be the market condition today,can we go for sell/buy. Anyone suggest me pls

(18th August 14:06, 2015)Reply
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