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USD JPY US Dollar vs. Japanese Yen Referred as simply YEN or NINJA. JPY is 3rd most traded currency in the world.

Elshahat Ouda, Russia

Sell till 118.7

(5th January 18:33, 2016)Reply
Sean Zhang, Japan

This market is caothic

(31st December 14:56, 2015)Reply
Joe Bucks, Malaysia

Targeting 121

(30th December 18:39, 2015)Reply
Norbert neczpal, Ireland

Slowly going down.

(28th December 18:30, 2015)Reply
Andreas, Russia

it will go downwords deep and deep

(24th December 14:34, 2015)Reply
Issak, Dubai

Sell below 121.10 for 120.30 sl 121.45

(22nd December 18:54, 2015)Reply
Ben Burnanke, London

123 my target

(18th December 16:52, 2015)Reply
Sean Zhang, Japan

buy it now , it would go up to 123

(17th December 19:00, 2015)Reply
Joe Bucks, Malaysia

Buy @ 121.00 TP 10 pips.. scalping

(15th December 18:12, 2015)Reply
Nikhil maheshwari , Ireland

today usdjpy 123.60 level

(11th December 18:49, 2015)Reply
Jawaid Iqbal, Ireland

usd jpy 100 pips buy

(10th December 18:55, 2015)Reply
kitakan geng , Korea

i hope it will continue to go down...

(10th December 18:44, 2015)Reply
Setyo Wibowo, Russia

O USDJPY teve outro movimento indeciso na semana passada. Como você pode ver na minha ficha H4 abaixo do preço ainda está preso entre 123.60 - 122.20 área de alcance. Em geral, eu prefiro um cenário pessimista nesta fase, mas precisa de uma clara ruptura abaixo de 122.20 para confirmar o cenário de baixa. No lado positivo, a resistência chave permanece em torno de 123,60 que é um bom lugar para vender com um stop loss apertado como uma ruptura clara e diariamente perto acima essa área poderia provocar ainda mais a pressão altista testando 124.50 área ou superior. . Por favor clique aqui para ver o gráfico. . Setyo Wibowo

(7th December 18:25, 2015)Reply
kitakan geng , Korea

but if you do not know how to hedging your deals will continue to be looser. OK - sell > tp 121.90 .... Live fast and die fast too . How many times to do this for you?

(4th December 18:14, 2015)Reply
Norbert neczpal, Ireland

Starting to sell.

(2nd December 17:48, 2015)Reply
Joe Bucks, Malaysia

may be touch 123.35 then downward to 122.7

(1st December 18:28, 2015)Reply

Im SELL in two positions sell @ 122.774 and sell @ 122.687

(30th November 15:23, 2015)Reply
Norbert neczpal, Ireland

Back in 122.65.

(25th November 16:28, 2015)Reply
HAMID ISLAM , Pakistan

Hold long entered at 122.85, Target: 123.85, Stop: 122.50. . Position : - Long at 122.85. . Target : - 123.85. . Stop : - 122.50. . . Dollar's rebound after yesterday's selloff to 122.62 suggests consolidation would be seen and another bounce to the Ichimoku cloud (now at 123.40-43) is likely, however, break of resistance at 123.76 is needed to signal recent upmove has resumed and extend gain to 123.90-00 and later towards 124.25 (1.236 times projection of 118.06-121.51 measuring from 119.99) which is likely to cap upside from here. . . In view of this, we are holding on to our long position entered at 122.85. Below 122.50-55 would abort and signal top has been formed at 123.76, bring test of key support at 122.22 but break there is needed to provide confirmation, then correction of recent upmove to 122.00 (previous resistance) would follow.Visit my profile to communicate with me.

(20th November 18:43, 2015)Reply
kitakan geng , Korea

Dollar extended its rally against its Japan counterpart up to a fresh 3month high of 123.74 following the release of the FOMC Minutes of the October meeting,although the pair failed to sustain gains beyond 123.60, and trades a few pips below this last ahead of the Asian opening.The FED had a limited impact over US indexes,which pretty much is telling that stocks' traders have already priced in a December hike.Technically,the upside prevails in the short term, as in the 1 hour chart, the price is holding well above its 100 and 200 SMAs, both aiming higher around 123.00, while the technical indicators present bullish slopes in positive territory. In the 4 hours chart, the price is also far above its moving averages, but the technical indicators are beginning to look exhausted near overbought territory, supporting a downward corrective movement ahead, particularly on a break below 123.20, the immediate support.Support levels: 123.20 122.80 122.30 . Resistance levels: 123.60 123.95 124.40

(19th November 16:25, 2015)Reply
Joe Bucks, Malaysia

The USD/JPY pair posted a soft advance this Tuesday, extending its weekly rally up to 123.48 in the American afternoon, following the positive mood among stocks traders. The pair, however, made little technical progress, still contained below the post-NFP high of 123.59, the level to break to confirm a more constructive outlook. Short term, the 1 hour chart shows that the 100 and 200 SMAs, head slightly higher and in a tight range around 122.80/123.00, reflecting a limited upward momentum at the time being. In the same chart, the technical indicators have turned lower, lacking directional strength, but holding above their mid-lines. In the 4 hours chart, the price holds near its daily high, whilst the technical indicators have lost their upward strength near overbought territory, still far from indicating a bearish movement for the upcoming sessions. visit my profit to get more details. . Support levels: 122.80 122.30 122.00 . . Resistance levels: 123.60 123.95 124.40

(18th November 13:41, 2015)Reply
Jawaid Iqbal , Ireland

ok 123.456 has reach. just bought it yesterday from 122.345. good start for this week. ty.

(17th November 16:34, 2015)Reply
kitakan geng , Korea

The greenback found renewed buying at 120.60 in early European morning and rose to session high 121.23 New Yoyk morning on broad-based dlr strength. . However, profit-taking offers there pressured the pair lower n price retreated to 120.94 in New York afternoon. Later, price found renewed support and gained ahead of Asian open before rallying to 121.26 in Tokyo morning due to the 350+ points rally in Nikkei-225 index. . . Market focus now shifts on Fed Chair Janet Yellen's speech at 15:00GMT, who will testify before the House Financial Services Committee on Federal Reserve actions and plans for bank regulation and supervision. Although the focus of the talk is not monetary policy, traders shouldd look out for any hints dropped by the Chief about a possible rate hike in December. . . Bids are now seen at 121.00/10 and more below at 120.80/90 with stops building up below there whilst initial offers are noted at 121.70/80, suggesting buying on dips is the way to go.

(4th November 16:48, 2015)Reply
Jawaid Iqbal , Ireland

now sell tp 20pips

(3rd November 19:06, 2015)Reply
Joe Bucks, Malaysia

The USDJPY failed to continue its bullish momentum last week after another failure to break above 121.30 – 118.50 range area. From another technical point of view as you can see on my H4 chart below, we have a double top formation around 121.48 suggests a potential bearish intraday scenario. The bias is bearish in nearest term testing 120.00 – 119.50 area. Immediate resistance is seen around 120.80. A clear break above that area could lead price to neutral zone in nearest term testing 121.30/48 key resistance which remains a good place to sell with a tight stop loss.

(2nd November 16:09, 2015)Reply
Nikhil maheshwari , Bangladesh

Buy dip target 121.75

(30th October 15:40, 2015)Reply
Sean Zhang, Japan

The USDJPY had a bullish momentum yesterday and hit 120.97 earlier today. The bias is bullish in nearest term testing 121.30 area which remains a good place to sell with a tight stop loss. Immediate support is seen around 120.40. A clear break below that area could lead price to neutral zone in nearest term testing 120.00 region

(23rd October 14:24, 2015)Reply
Norbert neczpal, Ireland

today it will go down till 118.5 in my opinion

(19th October 19:04, 2015)Reply
Kitakan geng , Korea

I called 119 yesterday when it was at 118.10. . Today the pattern suggests it's heading back to 118.30.

(16th October 15:08, 2015)Reply
    Joe Bucks, Malaysia

    119.30-40 huge resistance.....

    (16th October 15:22, 2015)Reply
Amnon Cohen, Southafrica

Oh no I am making a lost now!! I bought at 119.97 but it is still falling further. Will it bounce back to 119.00 again????

(15th October 14:41, 2015)Reply
HAMID ISLAM , Pakistan

Have a buy order @ 119.30

(14th October 16:36, 2015)Reply
Elshahat Ouda, Russia

i think buying at 119.62 will be good. 

(13th October 16:47, 2015)Reply
kitakan geng , Korea

sell at 120.30 or buy at 120.30???? Pls advice

(9th October 17:50, 2015)Reply
Nikhil maheshwari , Bangladesh

Sell it.

(6th October 18:54, 2015)Reply
Ben Burnanke, London


(5th October 16:26, 2015)Reply
Sean Zhang, japan

Is it the right time to buy or sell?

(1st October 18:08, 2015)Reply
HAMID ISLAM , Pakistan

Go up, up & up and hit 120.75 today.

(30th September 14:39, 2015)Reply
Joe Bucks , Malaysia

Look like usdjpy fall

(28th September 18:02, 2015)Reply
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Sean Zhang , Japan

buy on rumors, sell on news!

(25th September 19:00, 2015)Reply
    Sezai, hjAjLNcPP

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    (25th November 16:12, 2015)Reply
    Mira, StpBXLlIOGS

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    (25th November 09:19, 2015)Reply
saqib ali khan , pakistan

It has gained its support level

(18th September 14:36, 2015)Reply
Nikhil maheshwari , Bangladesh

up time guys prediction is go up with positive us data 121.500

(15th September 15:16, 2015)Reply
Norbert neczpal, Ireland

HI joe US Unemployement and NFP are happning at same time what do you think where this pair will move?

(4th September 14:29, 2015)Reply
Joe Bucks, Malaysia

will it raise again to reach around 12.20 in today's date?

(2nd September 16:57, 2015)Reply
kitakan geng, Korea

This one is The Cloud Drop .

(1st September 15:53, 2015)Reply
Massi, Indonasia

usd jpy daily chart good resistance 50% resistance . good to sell at 120.72

(28th August 18:20, 2015)Reply
Nikhil maheshwari, Bangladesh

124.82 entry sell. . Take Profit 124.50. Stop Loss 125.32.

(6th August 11:18, 2015)Reply
Nikhil maheshwari , Bangladesh

Today my prediction is 123.5

(6th August 11:16, 2015)Reply
Jawaid Iqbal , Ireland

i believe it will reach 125.300

(5th August 14:46, 2015)Reply
    nikhil maheshwari , Bangladesh

    As I said earlier this week, I think this month is 125.800, this just my analysis, this is not a signal..

    (5th August 19:33, 2015)Reply
Issak, Dubai

JPY long term buy, its better sell agaist USD.. Target for 200 pips

(4th August 15:56, 2015)Reply
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