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XAG USD Silver vs. US Dollar


XAG is exchange value for pure silver in international trading market. It’s the price of 1 Troy Ounce Silver in US Dollars.





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Paul Cazacu , Russia

Silver will go up T $15.0

(4th December 18:07, 2015)Reply
Shrama shan , India

Good Evening. Should we stop buying.. No A strict no, It is falling , so we buy as per our plan . SInce DIWALI this is 3rd week exactly, did it fall, yes we bought and we are in mid of our plan, so far we have beeen selling at higher ones and buying at lower again. Many cycles have passed . Still I would repeat buy at 14.125 1 lot, 2 lots at 14.025, 3 lots at 13.925,4 at 13.725 and 5 at 13.525. selling at 13.975, 14.075, 14.0175 1,2,3 lots. If we complete the cycle, start again keeping 1 lot always pending. So far still our plan is in profit and our average buy is 13.988 and sell had been at 14.081. Of course Master STOPLOSS is 13.405. It is giving sudden spikes , so buy and sell orders are getting executed, even without not being near the system. why it is not falling drstically or rising swiftly, I don't know. Have patience. When people have been buying madly at 14.5, 15, 15.5 and even 16. why not buy now. Best of Luck.

(3rd December 18:03, 2015)Reply
Chris Briskey, Russia

sell silver mar. b/w 34350/34400 sl 34550 targ. 34100/33800.

(2nd December 18:08, 2015)Reply
Andreas, Cyprus

Silver to go up to $15.50

(1st December 18:22, 2015)Reply
Mustafa Hassan , Indonesia

A lot of people expecting a rally but I don't see it coming. With news from China metal regulators causing a slight surge in gold and silver yesterday we have lost any gains again this morning, even while Shanghai was open. I hope we do get a rally but unless it comes before Thursday its looking less likely. Still trapped between 14.00 and 14.40.

(27th November 16:48, 2015)Reply
Paul Cazacu, Russia

So all my buys made profit, left with last one I, which I would retain. My strategy continues with slight modification. Buy 1 lot at 14.225, 2 lots at 14.025, 3 at 13.825, 4 at 13.625. and 5 at 13.525. Master STOPLOSS at 13.405. Best of Luck.

(26th November 18:37, 2015)Reply
Mason, UK

Buy silver @ 14.050-060 sl 14 tgt 14.150-14.225-14.280

(25th November 16:48, 2015)Reply
Vinod Kumar , India

I opt to buy silver mini @ $14.110

(24th November 15:13, 2015)Reply
Shrama shan , India

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(20th November 18:42, 2015)Reply
Das Kamal, India

what a huge drop in silver at 49.5 levels april 2011--now at 14.2 almost squeezed completely......some peoples wanna have a precious metal as silver for no value (quite strange)

(19th November 16:22, 2015)Reply
Peter , Egypt

Trend down over all.....may it break 14 level soon.

(18th November 13:32, 2015)Reply
Crude ginni, Spain

MCX SELL CRUDE NR 2712-2725 TGT 2686-2665 SL ABV 2735. CMP 2712

(18th November 13:29, 2015)Reply
Paul Cazacu, Russia

For safe players, those who bought above 14.2 can sell above 14.3, again buy at 14.2, 14.1,13.9,13.7,13.5, as mentioned earlier. Relief rally is yet to come swift and superfast.

(17th November 17:04, 2015)Reply
King Cash, UK

Sell silver at cmp 34220 sl 34380 tgt 33900

(16th November 16:39, 2015)Reply
Dharshan , India

Hay Hold silver is not going to drop sharply to 13.50 it will take time silver will fall after fed rate hike.....before that silver is going to trade in range 13.94 to 14.39

(13th November 14:44, 2015)Reply
Jaso Lohan , Singapore

today non farm pay roll data at come at 7.00 pm indian time if they negative silver and gold move higher 142k v/s 180 k if they come at 150-160 k and below 142 then gold and silver moves higher

(6th November 18:41, 2015)Reply
Jack Smith, UK

Those who went short overnight "Chandi ho gai".Anyway let's wait till Europe opens US futures and Dollar index does not have much change. We have firmly entered into our old channel of 13.5 to 15.5 $, which has four subchannels 13.5 to 14, 14 to 14.5, 14.5 to 15, 15 to 15.5 . We are at the border , which is a very big hurdle and important on , At 1.30 p.m. or sliding below 14.975, we short further with a STOPLOSS of 15.075 (for safe players and 15.175 for Risky players. for a target of 14.925,14.825,14.725,14.625. All metals, crude, indices are weak , so Silver should join the party of SLIDING down. Best of Luck.

(5th November 17:10, 2015)Reply
Dharshan , India

Sell Silver @ 15.37-15.40 Target 15.00 , 14.80 ,14.50 Stop Loss 15.50....please do it at your own risk as i always do more & more study for my predictions but Markets always goes extremely opposite of what i predict. Lets see today it goes my predicted way or extremely extremely opposite of what i said.

(3rd November 18:58, 2015)Reply
Andreas, Cyprus

Silver if u can afford SL 15.250 Buy or hold....Bull rally towards 17 is about to begin...but step by step...Will keep on updating...We shud see another dip by evening till 15.300 or 15.250 levels....its a buy...

(2nd November 16:03, 2015)Reply
Dharshan , India

Now the drop is from 16.370 to 15.530 another .160$ drop will make it 1$ from top . a drop of 0.840$ . There must have heavy injuries to BULLS, they would have visited hospitals , and get some vitamins . So the BEARS would be to the seventh heaven , and partying. So now would be the time for some robbery from the the bear party, what people call as a relief rally. I expect that to happen . Hence we go for small buy profits , buy at 15.560$ or at 1.30 or if it crosses above 15.9, anything we would be safe , STOPLOSS of 15.525 for (safe players) and 15.425 for risky players, with a target of 15.655,15.705,15.755,15.805,15.855 and 15.905. Best of Luck

(30th October 15:26, 2015)Reply
Ashish kothari , Europe

Let us do serious analysis ---> Silver has been at 15.875 $ average since 5th October. lower being 15.625 and higher being 16.125 (except y'day hype went to 16.370 , was nice to short at that point) . So the range is 0.5$. Right now we are 0.3 up from low , so may be at 15.955 we get shorting opportunity . The STOPLOSS would be 16.025 , which we have been following for safe players and 16.125(for risky) , the profits are not going to be much, but target could be 15.845,15.795,15.745,15.695, keep moving SL 0.1 after first target move 0.05. Best of Luck.

(29th October 15:23, 2015)Reply
Jack Smith, UK

i put a sell now at 16.035 manisha ji will be usefull

(28th October 18:43, 2015)Reply
Yomi San, China

Update at 4 p.m. USD index negative->>> good for silver upside. indices down.... so we wait till 4.50 p.m. atleaset 15.965 should hit and it may even go to 16.015, 16.115. for safe players SL should be moved up to 15.895 and for risky 15.795 ... Still I would prefer wait till 6.30 p.m.

(26th October 16:49, 2015)Reply
Jaso Lohan, Singapore

silver is weak? 16.03 LOL

(23rd October 14:16, 2015)Reply
Dharshan , India

If sensex close above 27500 in oct month then we see 32000-37000 by march 2016 i am upbeat on equity market

(23rd October 14:11, 2015)Reply
Peter , Egypt

SILVER is a strong sell for the trgt price $14.90 in 10 days time frame

(20th October 15:45, 2015)Reply
Andreas, Cyprus

Sell only TGT 14.210

(19th October 19:01, 2015)Reply
Pramod Luthra , Australia

today ruppes can not down the silver

(16th October 15:19, 2015)Reply
King Cash , UK

Today looks like short can be taken , but AS I mentioned 16.255 is a stiff resistance and all short should be closed , and one must blindly enter upmove , a dangerous upmove could be expected . So 16.255 to 16.355 can kept as STOPLOSS. But only if Europe gives a hint, and US Futures gives a hint, the short can be initiated, till then WAIT. In wait mode you dont lose nor you make profit. Even short can be initiated below 15.075 to 15.055.

(15th October 14:34, 2015)Reply
Andreas, Cyprus

One must note that Miteshji appears only when there is 200-300 points upmove , and disappears , when there is silver slides.

(14th October 16:33, 2015)Reply
Shrama shan, India

Will silver come at 15.50 ???

(13th October 15:51, 2015)Reply
Mason, UK

Good to catch up with silver buy silver above 37600 target 38200-38800 sl 37250

(12th October 17:11, 2015)Reply
Yomi San, china

present it is $15.945,still silver is high in Rs.37235. can it be explained?

(9th October 17:45, 2015)Reply
Andreas, Cyprus

buy gold @26500 target 26750-27000 sl 26300

(8th October 16:48, 2015)Reply
Mason, uk

Stop loss at 16.10 usd

(7th October 14:31, 2015)Reply
Yomi San , china

buy silver above 15.80 target 16.10-16.44 sl 15.33

(6th October 18:20, 2015)Reply
Jaso Lohan, Singapore

my call that today silver up 2500 point in mcx around 37000 and comex we at @15.85

(5th October 16:12, 2015)Reply
Pramod Luthra , Australia

I will keep sell target Rs. 35501 for coming days.

(1st October 18:11, 2015)Reply
Ashish kothari, europe

In fact between 14.6 to 14.7 it is possible to buy for evening spikes, with strict STOPLOSS of 14.555 to get upmove of 14.725,14.8,14,875 and 14.9 finally for today

(28th September 17:41, 2015)Reply
Caglar Ommar , poland

Really in here some traders claim theirselves master and smart... But they do not know when market opens and closes, which affects they made during normal day... who are the followers those certain type big mouth but no info about what is going on, will have problem. Call your call... Never call others call.. Oil is not following business... If someone knows what will happen, he won't come here or ask money for to share... Knowledge gives better money than ask money from people to service.

(28th September 17:39, 2015)Reply
Andreas, Cyprus

i hope people would have taken profit in the ninth session which was y'day. Incidentally Yellen (FED) gave hawkish comments y'day for rate hike in this year itself, probably it could come as early as october which is not far.(or atleast a strong hint from more members of FED. This could trigger silver downslide .... lets us wait till 7 p.m. if it crosses 15.975$ downwards we can safely start on downward target of 14.9, 14.8, 14.75,14.7,14.6. with a STOPLOSS of 15.1$

(25th September 18:53, 2015)Reply
Pramod Luthra , Australia

Silver is hesitant to cross 14.90, so crash towards 14.50 may be observed very soon. Fingers Crossed!

(24th September 12:30, 2015)Reply
Peter, Egypt

Silver Buy 14.76+ For 15.06/15.40+

(23rd September 14:34, 2015)Reply
Jaso Lohan, Singapore

Sell Silver tgt below $ 15.

(22nd September 14:02, 2015)Reply
Jack Smith, uk

13.5$ Target for sure in silver, no FED hike , and silver could not even touch 15$ safely. USD index not gone negative , but going positive. Let us wait till 5.30 p.m. . As predicted silver would go down whether FED does nothing or hikes the rate.....

(18th September 15:14, 2015)Reply
Sandip yadav, India

silver ready to touch 40000

(16th September 15:10, 2015)Reply
Daniel Herrera , Switzerland

Close ur position nd wait for better entry today we may see silver around 14 or even luck.

(15th September 15:22, 2015)Reply
Andreas, Cyprus

Sell silver with a stoploss of 14.65. Purely intraday call

(14th September 16:01, 2015)Reply
sandip yadav, India

Silver is boring among all commodity............. Even in down trend it gives lots of bull signals.......LOL.

(9th September 19:29, 2015)Reply
Mason, UK

BUY SILVER At 35457.00 T1- 35560.00, T2- 35620.00, T3- 35700.00 with SL- 35284.00. .

(7th September 13:22, 2015)Reply
Andreas, Cyprus

today no major movement in commodity market after 5.00pm us market closed for today on labour day

(7th September 13:11, 2015)Reply
Steve Payne, UK

Daily one sure shot call , only for those can play in 5-10 lot. on sharing basis. 60 :40. no advance . payment after earn money

(3rd September 14:03, 2015)Reply
Mahendra Lohia, India

silver is week today max 35380

(1st September 15:44, 2015)Reply
Peter, egypt

buy silver at 34300 target 34750-35000 sl 34000

(28th August 14:34, 2015)Reply
Yomi San , china

very difficult to time the market.... silver is looking hot and ready to fly up.... it is ignoring the strong usd.... silver will give the best return in 2015... its upward will be steep...

(31st July 14:53, 2015)Reply
Keith Brown, Malaysia

should go in the green

(30th July 13:54, 2015)Reply
Jack Smith , UK

buy silver at 34000 trgt40000 positional

(30th July 13:24, 2015)Reply
    Yomi San , china

    40000 we all will see sooonnn

    (30th July 15:09, 2015)Reply
    Jaso Lohan , Singapore

    nither its 4000 nor its 40000 ..............

    (30th July 14:02, 2015)Reply
    Paul Cazacu , Russia

    4000 or 40000 ?

    (30th July 13:37, 2015)Reply
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