World Stock Indexes (CFDs)

Symbols Instruments Description
Dow 30, DAX, Nikkei 225, S&P500, FTSE 100, HSI, etc.
World Stock Indexes


Benchmark World Stock Indexes. It represents capitalization weighted measure of particular significant stocks.



World Stock Indexes - Technical Analysis Forecast, News & Analysis.

Join the Forex Forum discussion about World Stock Indexes. This section convers all the major events about World Stock Indexes pair on a daily basis from a fundamental & technical point of view.

Jank, Czech Republic

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(9th November 15:35, 2017)Reply
nastin, Spain

S&P500 keep buying 600 points strong buy expected 

(8th August 12:28, 2016)Reply
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(25th April 16:45, 2016)Reply
Ashish kothari , Europe

Hi, I've just started trading these indices too. I'm spread trading DAX, EUSTX, FTSE and CAC due to their correlation and cointegration.

(7th December 18:19, 2015)Reply
Kacper , poland

here they are, put quicktrailing into Experts, because its an Expert who controls trailingstopp.
Template works in all Timeframes. All Pairs, Indices, commodities.
I wish you luck, but cant give you any guarantee.
Mix it with Fibo and roundnumbers if you like.

(1st December 18:20, 2015)Reply
Pramod Luthra, Australia

Nice. Looks like pretty solid resistance on that daily chart, so a good time to take some profits. I think shorts are a decent shot here. I see the failure/rejection up at 2115 as pretty interesting. I'll be watching closely tomorrow.

(17th November 17:08, 2015)Reply
Stephen Hopper, Europe

The DAX confirmed a strong closing last night after having kept the small gap up area,9581 9539, still support area also today. While above this area we expect further strength for the DAX! The monthly closing was instead negative suggesting further weakness! The indicators of the daily chart are still negative for now as well as those of the monthly one suggesting further weakness. Bullish divergences in the daily chart confirm the negative tone. The indicators of the s/t charts are positive this morning supporting some consolidation/ correction with the 200 hours line at 9854 still the possible attraction. We suggest to still wait for a possible extension of the correction to sell, possibly close to the 10000 area!!

(1st October 18:14, 2015)Reply
Johan Nothnagel , Russia

Forex, stock or whatever it is, does it really matter? If forex is really a losing game, why people still doing it? and if stocks are better than forex, so why forex traders in the world don't move to stocks trading? I may not know anything about stocks, but what i know is if people can do it, well we can do it too. the simple way is like this : if you do it right, you make profit. If you do it wrong, you lose your money. end of story.

(7th September 13:13, 2015)Reply
Claus, Singapore

4h bullish divergence , is it time for a litttle bounce???

(24th August 02:47, 2015)Reply
Alameri, Egypt

H1: DAX could not defeat a bullocky plane of 11660. The wares overflowing (10/08/2015) could not make up to this weekly place. DAX reversed physician. It skint the reenforcement of the slanting movement imprint, the 61.8% return and the bullish direction line by large-bodied candlesticks. The regular regularise of 11300 obstructed this die.

(21st August 17:14, 2015)Reply
Vova, Ukraine

We need a Nikkei thread here. Nikkei ran from 13000 to over 20000 so if markets tank this will be one of the indexes that gets hammered pretty hard. Was down quite a bit today and we broke the 20,000 barrier

(8th July 20:03, 2015)Reply
    Farkas, Hungary

    you could also state it's only half way untill full recovery from it's all time high ... ;-)

    (18th July 08:14, 2015)Reply
Refat, Bangladesh

how is the Dax effected by the NFP report does it have any effect at all ion the DAX and what is the best time to trade with the DAX ???? Thank you guys great forum

(2nd July 09:13, 2015)Reply
    Andreas, Cyprus

    I like to trade it from 8 till 10 and then 14:30 to 16:00 - GMT - find it has most volume then I've taken profit on my trade now - 70 pips - as might see some upward move now - and US indices starting to move higher

    (2nd July 09:44, 2015)Reply
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