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WTI USD WTI vs. US Dollar West Texas Intermediate is a grade of crude oil used as benchmark in oil pricing.


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(6th April 11:19, 2017)Reply
markel, france

Crude oil keep going down start hedginig between real and fx market 

(5th February 13:22, 2016)Reply
Crude ginni , Spain

come on move over 37

(5th January 18:42, 2016)Reply
Caglar Ommar, Poland

I suspect 34 - 38 is going to be our trading range for some days or weeks

(4th January 18:50, 2016)Reply
Essa almethen , Europe

Buy Crude 36.77-36.71 (2445-2443) SL 36.49 (2429) Target 39 (2580-2600) Intraday.

(31st December 15:02, 2015)Reply
Caglar Ommar, Russia

BUY CRUDEOIL @2450-2470 TARGET 2550-2650 SL 2410

(30th December 18:54, 2015)Reply
Daniel Herrera, Switzerland

by the way, the dollar is climbing as we speak and so is what happens when they start selling it later today or this week.

(29th December 18:58, 2015)Reply
Ace Vtura, Japan

target $34 this week?

(28th December 18:37, 2015)Reply
Crude ginni, Spain

sell crude oil 37.80 $ - 38 .10 $ sl 38.60 $ tgt 37.00 $ 36.50 $

(24th December 14:40, 2015)Reply
Chris Briskey , Russia

Buy Crude at 36. Technical call. Easy Target of $40..

(22nd December 18:59, 2015)Reply
Andreas, London

brent 37.70 wti 37.04 ... wti must be at least 2 usd down ... i think that soon will come a collapse IMO

(16th December 16:46, 2015)Reply
Crude ginni, Japan

buy crude for target 50

(15th December 18:15, 2015)Reply
Sher Ghazi, Egypt

Oil could turn on a dime but it will be due to extreme news....

(14th December 18:31, 2015)Reply
Chris Briskey, Russia

oil @ low $35's at the open. enjoy. $34's @ eod. $20's next week post fed talk.

(11th December 18:55, 2015)Reply
Ganga Shankar, India

This fall was clear indicating bears to exit....................Go in for bulls risk is all we take then Buy and take risk might end in huge profits

(10th December 18:59, 2015)Reply
Essa almethen , Europe

sell crud positional 38 $ sl 40$ target 32 $

(9th December 18:57, 2015)Reply
Sher Ghazi, Egypt

love it, oil at $36.80 = +7.8069 % roi from overnight hold on DWTI $-) xo ... $35's and lower to follow, bring on tonight's EIA glut report ;-) $29's this week, enjoy!

(8th December 18:45, 2015)Reply
Crude ginni, Spain

Buy between 39.24 - 39.28 target SL 39.15 Targets 39.38 39.42

(7th December 18:17, 2015)Reply
Andreas, Cyprus


(4th December 18:06, 2015)Reply
Mitesh agarwal , India

look 2 important levels.. if sustain below 40.48 (2710), (alert)and if sustain below 40.24 (2693).. (exit).

(3rd December 18:02, 2015)Reply
Mic rober, UK

will it go to 40.40 today.

(2nd December 18:05, 2015)Reply
King Cash, UK

If wti crude breaks 41.50 level than dollar 40 strong chances

(1st December 18:23, 2015)Reply
Farkas , Hungary

Took long @41.51

(30th November 15:15, 2015)Reply
Andreas, Cyprus


(27th November 16:46, 2015)Reply
King Cash, UK

Crude 41$ down trend...5minit

(26th November 18:38, 2015)Reply
Caglar Ommar, poland

crudeoil sell now 2855 sl 2890 tgt 2790

(25th November 16:33, 2015)Reply
Ace Vtura , Japan

BUY WTI CRUDE @ 42.30, TARGET 43 SL 42 ( CMP 42.25)

(24th November 15:10, 2015)Reply
Masood Hadi, Pakistan

2750-60 level is a great support so exit..........or put sl at 2800..........

(20th November 18:41, 2015)Reply
Crude ginni , Spain

Finally i bought crude today at $42.20..let see what it has for us today..!!

(19th November 16:20, 2015)Reply
Crude ginni, Spain

MCX SELL CRUDE NR 2712-2725 TGT 2686-2665 SL ABV 2735. CMP 2712

(18th November 13:30, 2015)Reply
Essa almethen, Europe

Crude showing resistance at $41.62 , once it breaks @ 41.30 ..more downfall expected..

(17th November 17:02, 2015)Reply
Chris Briskey, Russia

All are thinking france attack syria crude will bounce,, but only limited bounce,, fall is heavy if wti crude breaks 40.80 now

(16th November 16:41, 2015)Reply
Mitesh agarwal, India

if it can go over 42.12-10 then the move can get faster. I'm waiting for tp 42.10

(13th November 14:42, 2015)Reply
Ace Vtura, Japan

i'm looking at 50 pips up like a mouse is looking at a cheese. however i dont see a mouse trap

(6th November 18:40, 2015)Reply
Chris Briskey, Russia

guys pls tell wht will happen in copper , i have a long...............

(5th November 17:08, 2015)Reply
    Mustafa Hassan , Indonesia

    $48 today

    (5th November 17:09, 2015)Reply
King Cash , UK

Sell postional @ 48.02 for target 44.24 >> stoploss 48.36 or no need for stop....

(4th November 16:46, 2015)Reply
Chris Briskey , Russia


(3rd November 18:59, 2015)Reply
Masood Hadi, Pakistan

Sell crude for target below $43

(2nd November 16:05, 2015)Reply
Caglar Ommar, poland

Long 45.60 TGT 47.50 SL 45.40. .

(30th October 15:25, 2015)Reply
Crude ginni, Spain

As long as you can handle a little volatillity one can take a chance and buy now for a target 47.50 SL 44.80. . I exited short 45.30 and long 45.40. . .

(29th October 15:21, 2015)Reply
Chris Briskey, Russia

quick oil droped 8 pips everyone post its falling ,,, micro traders are funny

(26th October 16:50, 2015)Reply
Daniel Herrera, Switzerland

Buying longs at $45, $40,$38,$35 and keep them for long term ( as long as the market does come down) . If you think it is not going to work, kindly don't follow.

(23rd October 14:12, 2015)Reply
Crude ginni, Spain

call crude oil 46.00$ -46.30$ sl 45.00$ tgt 47.20$ 48.20$

(20th October 15:44, 2015)Reply
Mitesh agarwal , India

Sell crude 3047-50 stop 3071 tgt 3010-2984 . . Nowwwwwwwwww lowwwwwwwwwww . . . . . . 2988 . . .second destination also almost committed . . ..enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy profittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

(19th October 19:02, 2015)Reply
King Cash, UK

Buy crude oil 47.05. Target 47.71. S/L 46.21 .. running

(16th October 15:18, 2015)Reply
Crude ginni, Spain

buy crude oil 45.90$ -46.40$ sl 45.00$ tgt 47.00$ 48.00$

(15th October 14:33, 2015)Reply
Caglar Ommar , poland

Long@46.45 TP@47.50

(14th October 16:34, 2015)Reply
Kevin, Philippines

short verry safe

(13th October 15:52, 2015)Reply
Sam sundar, India

sell at 49.75 target 49 sl 50.10

(12th October 17:12, 2015)Reply
Ram gopal yadav , India

58.00 before 38.00 ouch !!!!!

(9th October 17:47, 2015)Reply
Mitesh agarwal, India

$47.8 is a great support. One can go long with that as a ST for a reaping target of $49.

(8th October 16:46, 2015)Reply
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    (25th November 08:44, 2015)Reply
Caglar Ommar , Poland

short position.... for me is better to sell... :)

(7th October 14:30, 2015)Reply
Mic rober , Uk

CALL RUNNING...........1ST TGT HIT 46.60 ..Buy crude 46/46.20 sl45.60 tgt 46.60/47/47.50

(6th October 18:18, 2015)Reply
Caglar Ommar , Poland

Today crude will break 45, it can get up to 44.20

(5th October 15:47, 2015)Reply
Crude ginni , spain

You think it is getting down... No. report will come in 10 minutes... A drop turn to fix... again 46+ You ask stronger dollar and it means for you dropping oil price yes. But in minutes it gives Stocks rocketing, US getting bigger and Oil get up. Today 3-4 hours we see ups not downs.

(1st October 18:12, 2015)Reply
Chris Briskey, Russia

sell crude oil 2975-2985 sl 3009 tgt 2950 -2930

(30th September 14:31, 2015)Reply
King Cash , UK

will tumble down towards 45.15 45 44.95 >> slowly slowly

(25th September 18:50, 2015)Reply
Caglar Ommar , poland

Sell on rise is suggested.. will retest 44.85 - 44.90

(24th September 12:41, 2015)Reply
ram gopal yadav , India

right after breaking $44.80 level will bring this to $44 and not much for today.

(24th September 12:28, 2015)Reply
King Cash, UK

buy crude oil 3055-3065 sl 3029 tgt 3095 3135 call running........

(23rd September 14:35, 2015)Reply
Crude ginni , spain

buy crude oil 45.70 $ -45.90 $ sl 45 $ tgt 46.70 $ 47.20 $.

(22nd September 14:18, 2015)Reply
Mustafa Hassan , Indonesia

If you are long oil, sell, sell, sell! "Oil prices drop as low economic growth weighs on demand outlook"

(22nd September 14:00, 2015)Reply
Chris Briskey, Russia

2nd crude oil 3045-3055 sl 3010 tgt 1st 3095 2st 3135

(18th September 15:16, 2015)Reply
Ace Vtura , Japan

sell crude oil sl 3035 tgt 2960 now cmp 3022

(16th September 15:13, 2015)Reply
Crude ginni , Spain

buy crude oil 2975-2985 sl 2950 tgt 3010 3030. tgt hit hit hit .....39 point parlot me.

(16th September 15:09, 2015)Reply
Chris Briskey, Russia

Sell for target 43.7 - 43.00

(15th September 15:19, 2015)Reply
Mitesh agarwal, India

Sell crude @2955-60 s/l @2977 tgt @2921

(14th September 14:45, 2015)Reply
Sam Sundar, India

This is a bs headline! The story gives no reason as to why oil is higher premarket. I call it more bs manipulation re: Oil prices rise slightly ahead of U.S. data @ Reuters this morning. Carry on shorting for profits.

(10th September 18:02, 2015)Reply
essa almethen, Europe

big plummet coming any minute

(9th September 19:21, 2015)Reply
Sher Ghazi , Egypt

Buy crude oil 2982-2992 sl 9254 tgt 3020

(8th September 13:59, 2015)Reply
Mitesh agarwal , India

When the banks start refusing credit to the inefficient US producers this and the next month, you'll see some rally on the oil price.

(7th September 13:20, 2015)Reply
Masood Hadi , Pakistan

Don't expect any major movement as U.S. Canada both have labor day on Sep 7.

(7th September 13:10, 2015)Reply
Daniel Herrera , Switzerland

Daniel Herrera 49 minutes ago Sell Crude Oil 46.86. Target 46.21. S/L DONE!

(4th September 13:39, 2015)Reply
Ram gopal yadav, India

shale oil production was 9,65 b/d reviside by EIA at 9,45 and dropped at 9,2 in last 2 months.. -400k b/d !! on 1,3 b/d of oversupply. Did you yet wonder the way of this spike ?

(3rd September 15:16, 2015)Reply
Masood Hadi, Pakistan

This will be back to 45.95 in no time....

(3rd September 13:59, 2015)Reply
Chris Briskey, Russia

Oil Traders See Bungee Cord Snap Back in Wild Market Swings. "All of Asia appears to be falling apart, not just China, and that’s the demand center of the world," John Kilduff, a partner at Again Capital LLC, a New York-based hedge fund, said by phone. "We’re going to return to the recent lows.". 

(2nd September 16:50, 2015)Reply
Daniel Herrera , Switzerland

Oil going higher today, my bet is 53$

(1st September 15:46, 2015)Reply
mic rober, UK

US $ rising now at 95.90 oil going along with it.

(31st August 13:41, 2015)Reply
Essa almethen , Europe

odd that it is being supported over 42.

(19th August 14:35, 2015)Reply
    Daniel Herrera, Switzerland

    It could take a few tries. Everyone has been brainwashed that 42 is the bottom.

    (19th August 14:37, 2015)Reply
Sher Ghazi, Egypt

inventories rose by more than 2.6 million barrels...that is bad.. likely new support level is 38 not 41 any more. They will short it to low 40 level

(19th August 14:35, 2015)Reply
    Sher Ghazi, Egypt

    Whoever wants to make money then short it to low 40 level (don't forget include s/l ) in this week.

    (19th August 14:43, 2015)Reply
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      (25th November 09:24, 2015)Reply
    Sher Ghazi, Egypt

    Agree will go back but takes time and watch out contango if you hold long.

    (19th August 14:39, 2015)Reply
    Chris Briskey , Russia

    fake as ********man , it will go back to were it was before the news .. it did this to cover the gap it made

    (19th August 14:39, 2015)Reply
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