Brokerage Secrets Revealed !

How to Choose Forex Brokers?

It’s Easy to ask but difficult to answer!!

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Is it Regulation?  

Is it Fees and Commission Structures?

Is it about physical Presence and Customer Support?

Is that funding options?

Or Review about Broker?

Nope, Not at all!!!!!!!   
Or let’s Say it’s not ENOUGH!!!!

How to Choose a Forex Broker? As Ideal Broker should fulfill the following points

 Image result for right arrow mark     Segregate accounts

Image result for right arrow mark      Server Control Mt4/Platforms

Image result for right arrow mark      Trustee

Image result for right arrow mark       Insurance

Image result for right arrow mark       Licensed and Regulated

Image result for right arrow mark       Global Presence with Customer Support

Image result for right arrow mark       Funding Process

Image result for right arrow mark       Traders Review about Brokers

Image result for right arrow mark       Spreads & Commission

Image result for right arrow mark       Partnership and Affiliate Programs


 Non-Dealing Desk Broker should have Segregate accounts, your funds should not be used for sales and operation cost no matter what

A Forex  Broker must have the Server Control, if not you will slip toward white label drives more chance of getting a dealing desk from primary broker

Is your funds are protected by Trustee? What is that? They are the one will hold the client funds, Trustee should be regulated one to hold the funds, whenever withdrawal comes to Brokers, the Trustee will release the funds so brokers can do the only Brokerage as their real business

 Is your funds are Insured? How do the brokers protect the funds, even during any loss of liquidity providers or by the market, hope all know about  SwissFanc (CHF) issues. Forex  Broker should have the insurance for the clients fund and the insurance company should be regulated one

Now comes to the secondary part, are they regulated? Most of the people don't know the difference between Regulated vs. Registered brokers vs. Incorporated 

If Registered Brokers! It’s just matter of $200 USD to getting it registered

Are the broker is  incorporated? It’s again a matter of $1000 to $2000 USD amount anywhere in the country brokers can get
So Regulation come license makes the difference to survive isolated and given much importance to select a broker

Don’t just decide if they have all,  again some brokers registered in XYZ name and their broker name in the website will different and bank wire also be different, if brokers registered the name as  XYZ then you should enquire to the Regulatory Body is both are same or different. Once Regulatory gives green signal then you can try with the broker and about the third party bank name,

If they have Trustee documents to collect funds to their third party bank account you can deposit or else beware. You can verify these details by directly asking to Regulatory body via mail or phone.

Now you can decide whom to choose by analyzing up with minor importance:
Global Presence with Customer Support

Funding Duration Time

Traders Review about Brokers

Spreads, Commission

Partnership and Affiliate Programs


As safe-conduct to the clients, this article was addressed by World Forex Brokers 

Muiruy, Dhaka

Forex is full of Secrets 

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