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How about Fx Primus. getting many time slippages, my EA's not working good with Fx Primus. Stop loss getting many spike bust. Withdrawal time taking more time, lack of response from you side, with this kind of service, I will caution anyone thinking about opening an account with FxPrimus from doing so as you will most probably end up regretting it. Fxprimus hunting stop loss!


Submited by Arsaf, Posted On : 8th July 2015, Malaysia

Kirill, Russia

FX Primus has requested me to withdraw my funds on 21 May 2015. They don't support Australian account anymore. All information requested was provided, but the transfer fails due to lack of information they claim. The money is put back into my FX Primus account. They have charged me fees which they said is from the banks including my receiving bank. I have asked for evidence for these fees. No evidence is provided. Instead they send me an information sheet from a different bank (not involved in the transfer) saying that fees are due. I have requested reimbursement for the loss amount and a full list of all information that is required so that the error cannot occur again. It's now been over a month and they have ignored my questions and requests. Hence I'm am being refused access to my money. Unacceptable behaviour.

(27th August 2015)
thumachi, Thailand

fxprimus - waste of time

(12th August 2015)
Verai, K.L

@Arsaf ....,its not the issue of forex broker.. Compare to other forex brokers you can trust on fxprimus

(7th August 2015)
Sayei, Vietnam

FxPrimus market makers, another bucket shop to rip your money.

(26th July 2015)
Katie, Thailand

To everyone whining that this costs money, Fake comments get over it. It's just slippages, spike bust and limit order slippages, which is not even as much problem, I honestly can afford to keep a stable broker like fx primus, Deposit and withdraw even its takes time i am getting it then what your problem ?

(17th July 2015)
Joe Tulenk, Combodia

It was great for startup days now I keep getting many slippages , taking more time to withdraw.. Stay Away

(12th July 2015)
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