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Fake long term and overall performance , frequent changes of liquidity/data providers , ingnorance of the industry - regarding customer service and Introducing Brokers . Fake positive reviews . This broker is big no no ! If you really must trade with them , then definitely avoid using their managed account program !


Submited by Rahul, Posted On : 19th June 2015, India

isimo, tokyo

Axiory dont trust

(8th August 2016)
William Hanes, UK

They are the best STP broker I know. Excellent price feed!I I really like their new MyAxiory platform. It really makes the Forex market accessible for everyone. The level of support is excellent!! I had some on going questions, but then my contact person was about to go for a holiday. He Even gave me his personal cell number, So I can contact him anytime! I never seen this level of support by any other broker.

(9th August 2015)
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Good structure of information. I never worked with a broker like this. When i signed in i was in 48 h in trade. Since the first week i had only good trades. I want openly to Thank them for their support!! First I was with Alpari I left this like a burning house.... Now i have some family members who are alos verry happy with the profits I make :) last summer we went to Dubai.

(27th July 2015)
Thomas, Czech Republic

I'm writing this to try and persuade all you good but gullible people out there who still have Managed accounts with Axiory...( Get your money Out now ) that's if you have any left ! Listen you will Not get rich quick, but you will get Poor very fast ! ! ! Why do you think they have relocated to Belize from the Seychelles, to many Lawyers chasing them, that's why. I will say this again not believe anything you see on thier glossy website or read on thier chat line. Believe me if your Managed account/s fail...asmine did, and you like me lose money, there is no recourse ( Its`gone ! ) this is why they stay out of the juristiction of America / UK etc.

(13th July 2015)
Paul H, Norfolk,UK

" AXIORY now says mimber is just our introducing partner and we are no responsible for their acts... HOw rubbish...THEY ARE NOT THE BROKERS THEY ARE SCAMMERS.......Some of theri money managers who make huge losses are now not listed and only rosy pictures are shown on website"

(30th June 2015)
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