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STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM BROKER!!!!! A typical market maker broker PRETENDING to be an STP broker. I have traded with them as a client and referred clients to them as an IB and both myself and all my clients had different terrible experiences with them. If they offer you bonus then make sure you lose your funds on their platform because if you are profitable they will cut down your profit withdrawal after a short time of trading with them. Whether you take bonus or not, their mt4 server always goes dead as soon as market gets volatile meaning preventing your EA from working properly and preventing you from closing your trades either at a loss or at profit. I cannot begin to count all our experiences with them BUT if you have doubts about what i said then give them a try and see for yourself. Till date, my issues with them have NOT been resolved


Submited by Masood Hussain, Posted On : 3rd June 2015, Pakistan

Marko,Trader, Londan

This broker total lie All you have to do is sign up with them and request for bonus and you will see mad requotes on your mt4 as well as mt4 going dead asi described below in my review. Trading with ACFX means you must lose your funds with them because if you are profitable you will get in trouble with them after a short while. Be wise!

(12th August 2015)
velit beyaty Trader, Russia

You can see the follow up review to my review below and know that the impostor from Pakistan is an ACFX staff trying to make some defenses. You will surely come back to make your own review if you try to trade with them. They will always take a decision against youif you become profitable after a while. There will always be a conflict of interest. They are simply scammers!

(25th July 2015)
Onyeka Alimele, Nigeria

I had not complete information about the ACFX bouns trading rules, therefor I felt problem & talked to them to get the resolution.They briefed me in a very comprehensive way & the misunderstanding got cleared.I am start work again with ACFX because ,Fast exicution and no requots instant withdraw great support.. Acfx is very good trusted Broker

(11th July 2015)
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